The Program Explorer is an interface on the Admissions website that allows users to explore undergraduate majors. College staff can edit a program’s description, list of career options, and/or list of related majors. All other information included on a program’s page comes from data sources cited within the footnotes section and is not editable.

Major Descriptions

Descriptions are carefully crafted to be informative and readable (for those who do not yet have a high school degree). Please consider these factors when submitting an edit suggestion. You can place an edit request using the edit request form.

If an edit is submitted by a department, it will be sent to the applicable college or academic unit’s communication/recruitment representatives.

Related Majors

This section is meant to help guide students to find majors like the ones they are viewing. A college or academic unit has the ability to create the related majors listing for each of their majors. However, if another unit would like to suggest a related major for a major outside their college, they are welcome to do so. If the college housing the major agrees, then that college can submit the edit request form.

List of Career Options

Colleges and academic units also have the ability to choose what career options display for each of their majors. This can also be done through the edit request form.