Each college or academic unit serviced by Enrollment Management using Slate communication and data features will be assigned an Admissions Counselor as their representative. Their main duties in this role are described below:

  1. Serve as the main point of contact. Admissions counselors are the point of contact for all communication with the college.
  2. Verify request details. Once everything is set, the counselor comments in Basecamp that the email or report request details are verified and then assigns the to-do to the Data Services team.
  3. Assign the Basecamp email request to the Data Services team. Once all of the requirements above have been verified, the counselor adds the Data Services team to the assignment section in the Basecamp request so that they can send the email or create the report.
  4. Review college training materials. The counselor needs to be familiar with all the how-tos pertaining to the colleges on the R&Y Network site.
  5. Review our policies on email and data request lead time.
  6. Direct questions to Brian Hodges. When in doubt, the counselor should send questions about the process to Brian Hodges. Brian can pull in OCEM or the Data Services Team if there are questions not covered by the training materials. If there are other questions and requests from the college in the Basecamp email request, those should be handled elsewhere (example: data requests, marketing questions, etc).