Audience Options

As a rule, a college can only send emails to students in that college’s interest area. Please note the four audience options for your email communication in Basecamp. Be as specific as possible in your request, avoiding the use of “all” as this doesn’t give us enough information (for example, we can’t know whether “all admits” means freshmen only or freshmen and transfers, etc.).

  1. Current Student Status:
    • Accepted Offer
    • Admitted
      • It is important that units specify admits, accepted students or both in their audience requests.
    • Inquiries
    • Note: We cannot process any college emails to Applicants or Prospects
  2. Student Type:
    • Freshman
    • Transfer
  3. Term of Entry:
    • Fall
    • Spring
  4. Year of Entry:
    • Note the year of entry

If your email is a repeat from a previous year, please reference the old email by sending the slate link in your Basecamp request. You cannot use the old email link to send the current email. A new Slate email must be created or copied; otherwise, it will not send properly. The purpose of including the previous year’s email is to reference the population query that was used.