In-person campus visits for prospective undergraduate students will resume starting in early September. We are fully aware that planning for the Fall semester has lagged, and for this we apologize. We appreciate your patience and understanding as we work through this next phase of our campus visit operation.

Goals for Fall 2021

  • Centralize registration for campus visits, academic meetings, college tours, non-academic meetings, etc.
  • Offer a menu of options, allowing students to customize their experience
  • Standardize times for in-person academic meetings and college tours
  • Offer virtual academic meetings for departments
  • Offer virtual non-academic meetings
  • Continue to offer virtual options for students that cannot come to campus

The Fall semester will be the first time we offer both in-person and virtual options for engagement. We understand that nothing can replace physically coming to campus, however, some students unfortunately cannot make that trip happen. It’s important that we continue to offer virtual options for these students.

Centralized Slate Registration for In-Person Visits

We’ve been working on a new registration process that allows students to select various options for the day they wish to come to campus. Here’s a sample form to help you understand how it will function. Please note this is a work in progress. The “Other Available Meetings” section currently displays fictional options to demonstrate how this process will work. Wording and options will change.

Sample Slate form

College-Level In-Person Meetings

If your college is interested in offering in-person meetings, they must be entered into Slate as college-level meetings. See below for information on department-level meetings.

We’ve created a Google Sheet for you to enter your meeting schedule. Find your college tab and add your schedule.

This is designed to help you coordinate your plans with what OUA and other colleges are doing.

Note that we are encouraging you to include your virtual offerings on the calendar as well.

sample Google Sheet

Department-Level Virtual Meetings

To combat the logistical challenges of scheduling department-level in-person meetings, we’re recommending that these remain virtual. You can set up a schedule that works for your department and we’ll promote these through the Admissions website as we did throughout the 2021 cycle.

Registration must be done within Slate, so submit your information through our intake form and we’ll work with you to get your virtual meetings scheduled.

Recap of July 26 Meeting