Why Do Metrics Matter? Metrics allow us to measure our progress toward goals and ensure our efforts are making an impact. Without metrics, it's impossible to know if our hard work or strategy is paying off. But what measurements of success matter? Of all the information and analytics available, which metrics should we look at the most? Organic Social Media Social media analytics offer many different metrics. Which ones matter the most depend on your campaign goals. If we think of social media as an extension of our awareness and content marketing efforts, we care most about the reach and impressions [...]



Reporting allows us to evaluate our success in communication and marketing efforts as well as do research for future projects. Enrollment Management offers a variety of reporting that's helpful to units across campus. If you're a unit that sends communications via Enrollment Management/OUA processes, you can request small-scale custom reporting as well. Reporting Resources Accept/Decline Surveys. The accept/decline surveys allow units to look at a variety of questions asked to students who either accepted or declined their offer of admission to the University of Illinois Urbana-Champaign. Students respond to questions about how they found the university, why they made their choice, [...]



What Makes a Good Survey? Sampling Sample, sample, sample. The goal of any good survey is to find out what people think to inform a decision or many future decisions. For that reason, you should plan to talk to a lot of people and a diverse range of people. A healthy sample size is critical to getting usable information. If you do not get many opinions, one person (or a few people) can skew your results. So what is a healthy sample? Refer to the chart in Survey Monkey's article on sampling. As a rule of thumb, if your target population [...]



How to Evaluate Communications & Marketing Success There are many ways to evaluate success, and you should always keep your campaign goals in mind. Preferably, you and your team should make a plan to evaluate success prior to the launch of a campaign in order to then tailor the campaign to succeed on your key metrics. Remember, some evaluation is certainly better than none. If you have limited time to evaluate, that's OK. Pick an evaluation method you can achieve or ask for help. Contact OUA if you're evaluating your admissions marketing success or making a plan to do so in [...]

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