How to Submit a Request in Basecamp

Basecamp requests must come from a communications, marketing, or admissions representative within your college. In general, we can't service requests from individual departments; instead, those requests should filter up through the college staff members who are approved to submit requests in Basecamp. If you haven't used Basecamp before, learn how to request access on our new member page. Email Send Requests Before submitting your email send request, review our email policy, audience policy, and blackout dates to ensure we can fulfill it. After you've created your email and it's in Slate, you need to create a ticket to notify our OUA-Contact [...]

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Training Overview

Page Contents Trainings by Tool Trainings by Topic Frequently Asked Questions Trainings by Tool Following are tools we use to assist colleges and units in their recruitment and yield efforts, including trainings on how to use them. Learn how to request access to these tools on our new member page. Please note that privileges vary. Slate Slate is a CRM (Customer Relationship Management) tool. Multiple instances of Slate exist on the University of Illinois Urbana-Champaign campus, including one for Undergraduate Admissions. Slate allows us to have a centralized record for each “customer,” which in our case means prospective student. We manage [...]

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