What Is Market Research? Research is an important part of understanding our audiences. Market research can provide us with key data on audience opinion, viable communications tactics, and more. Students, parents, and other stakeholders in the admissions process have a lot of opinions on what they want. We should listen to them! Listening to our audiences will improve our communications and marketing efforts. If you're planning on your own research efforts, let us know. Ask for any help or advice you might need and be sure to share the results of your research. Research in one area of campus can likely [...]


Annual Marketing Report

The Annual Marketing Report provides a summary of marketing activity related to undergraduate recruitment and yield through the Office of Undergraduate Admissions. 2021 Marketing Report Slide deck Recorded presentation We recommend watching the recording to get the most information. Topics include: The enrollment funnel Marketing efforts and goals by channel OUA's advertising efforts & strategy Web content performance Social media performance Email outcomes & more


Cycle Overview

Stages of a Cycle Here are the key points throughout a cycle: Application opens Priority admission deadline Regular admission deadline (application closes) Admission notification (decisions are released) Accept deadline New student registration Students begin classes Tenth day of classes (official enrollment numbers are released) Key Dates & Deadlines The undergraduate application cycle starts when the application for admission becomes available, which is typically September 1. The cycle ends with the deadline for students to accept their offers of admission, which is typically May 1. Although these two dates rarely change from year to year, some of the other deadlines within the [...]


How to Present a Unified Brand to Prospective Students

Branding may seem like business reserved for marketing and communications staff, but each individual touchpoint matters. Even if you aren’t a designer it’s important to ask yourself, “What role do I play in the Illinois brand?” Or more importantly, “How can I contribute to the goal of presenting a unified brand to prospective students?” Why It Matters If we think about some of the strongest brands, there are a few that most likely come to mind. Take Apple. When we think of Apple we may think of high-end technology, sleek design, and user-focused interfaces that spark and enable creativity.  Disney is [...]


2022 Admissions Cycle Marketing Plan

Chris Axtman-Barker, Marketing Coordinator within the Office of Communications for Enrollment Management, presents the 2022 Admissions Cycle Marketing Plan, providing information on overall strategy and ways to collaborate. If you work in a college or campus unit here at UIUC and create a marketing plan for prospective students, this is resource designed primarily to inform you of our efforts within Undergraduate Admissions. The slide deck for this presentation is also available for viewing, but keep in mind it lacks valuable context found within the presentation recording.


Best ROI Yield Activities (From Chief EM Officers)

Back in November a VP of Enrollment sent out a question on the AAU Chief Enrollment Management Officers listserv asking, "What do you consider to be the top 3-5 yield activities that bring the best return on investment (ROI)?" Here is a condensed list of answers that were shared in response to this question. Hopefully you can find some inspiration for your own yield activities this cycle. One-on-one meetings with students Breakout rooms with specific topics during virtual events Virtual events that connect admitted students with current students and/or alumni  Targeted and tailored communications Virtual events that include faculty, Deans, and key [...]


Inclusive Illinois Initiative

The focus of the Inclusive Illinois Initiative is to be innovative in how we enhance our current outreach programs to underrepresented populations. We will need the support of the campus community to be involved in the outreach to inspire prospective and admitted students to see the impact they will have on the University of Illinois Urbana-Champaign campus and the world. Increased partnership with UIUC stakeholders can help evolve some of the current initiatives while adding future programs when needed. We are ranked #1 for the most students of color among top-ranked Midwest universities and #2 in diversity among top-ranked Midwest [...]

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