Email Policy

All emails to OUA audiences are created in Litmus and sent via Slate in coordination with Enrollment Management. This ensures that emails are templated and accessible, student statuses are accurate, and more. Audience Before creating an email, please review our audience policy to ensure you can communicate with your intended audience. Content As you're creating an email, make sure you adhere to the following standards: 1. Stay relevant to your unit. Emails from an academic unit must be about that unit, its subject area, relevant interests, or majors. Broad campus topics such as application dates and deadlines, visiting (in general), living [...]

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How to Create a Form in Slate

As described in our forms policy, all prospective student forms are required to be set up within Slate, our CRM system. Doing so helps us manage and track student data in one centralized location. If a form has been made in Webtools or another form builder, we don’t receive the information gathered by the answers, which means those students won’t be added to our system. Enrollment Management has created the following training materials to assist you with creating forms in Slate. To view the training documentation, you must log into Google through your email address. If you have questions related [...]


New to R&Y?

If you’ve just joined the R&Y Network, this page is for you! Learn more about who we are and the training opportunities we offer based on your role. About the R&Y Network The R&Y Network is a campus cross-functional team united by admissions goals, collaborating to recruit and yield undergraduate students. It includes campus and admissions leaders, admissions counselors, event organizers, marketers, communicators, data analysts, developers, designers, and more. How to Request Access Slate All new users are required to fill out the Information Security Compliance Form before they can access Slate. Once you've filled out this form, reach out to [...]

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How to Submit a Request in Basecamp

Basecamp requests must come from a communications, marketing, or admissions representative within your college. In general, we can't service requests from individual departments; instead, those requests should filter up through the college staff members who are approved to submit requests in Basecamp. If you haven't used Basecamp before, learn how to request access on our new member page. Email Send Requests Before submitting your email send request, review our email policy, audience policy, and blackout dates to ensure we can fulfill it. After you've created your email and it's in Slate, you need to create a ticket to notify our OUA-Contact [...]

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Training Overview

Page Contents Trainings by Tool Trainings by Topic Frequently Asked Questions Trainings by Tool Following are tools we use to assist colleges and units in their recruitment and yield efforts, including trainings on how to use them. Learn how to request access to these tools on our new member page. Please note that privileges vary. Slate Slate is a CRM (Customer Relationship Management) tool. Multiple instances of Slate exist on the University of Illinois Urbana-Champaign campus, including one for Undergraduate Admissions. Slate allows us to have a centralized record for each “customer,” which in our case means prospective student. We manage [...]


How do I request access to Slate, Litmus, and/or Basecamp? You can learn how to request access to all of our tools, including Slate, Litmus, and Basecamp, on our new member page. Please note that privileges vary. Why do I have to use Slate? We use Slate for several reasons. Firstly, it’s a centralized platform for tracking and managing student data; we can create and store email, visit, website portal, and form information all in one place. Protecting student data is a priority when working with prospective and admitted students. In addition, we can maintain a history of all of our [...]



Litmus is a tool for designing, building, and testing emails. We require that all non-text-only emails sent to prospective and admitted undergraduate students be created within Litmus; for exceptions, review our Alternative Access Plan. This allows us to utilize shared templates and test for accessibility and other potential delivery issues. Litmus training guide Roles & Access Everyone that logs in to Litmus as either a Code Editor or Reviewer will have access to all emails. We encourage units to take advantage of this to collaborate and discuss content for similar audiences. Do not make changes or [...]


Event Planning & Training

Planning All visits, both in-person and virtual, are coordinated with the Office of Undergraduate Admissions (OUA) and centralized through our CRM, Slate. Visit planning occurs three times throughout the admissions cycle. To view our planning spreadsheets, you must log into Google through your email address. Fall Visits For prospective undergraduate students OUA reaches out to units to finalize plans in June/July Units are required to share all visit plans in our fall planning spreadsheet Spring Visits For prospective and admitted undergraduate students OUA reaches out to units to finalize plans in October/November Units are required to share all visit plans [...]

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Undergraduate recruitment and yield policies are created to ensure consistency and reduce risk. If you have questions, please email OUA-Contact. Audience Policy Blackout Dates Policy Data Request Policy Email Policy Forms Policy Marketing & Communication Plan Policy Post-May 1 Communication Policy Program Explorer Policy Race/Ethnicity Data Request Policy Texting Policy

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