Colleges and units may submit a data request to obtain information regarding audiences or general student trends.

Data Request Restrictions

  • Requested data should be about the college or academic unit’s audience, or general student trends
  • Requested data and reports will be presented in Tableau or in a live Slate report
  • Data will not be exported from Slate unless absolutely necessary. This protects student data and ensures information is as recent as possible.

Data Request Requirements

The data request must be submitted within Basecamp (OUA’s project management platform) and assigned to

Each request will be reviewed for the following requirements:

  • Complete parameter list, including:
  • Requested finish date

Once all necessary details listed above are completed, the will re-assign the request to the Data Services Team, who will complete the data request as soon as they are reasonably able. Please submit your requests with as much lead time as possible.

Requests must come from the college communications/marketing/admissions representative. In general, we cannot service requests from departments. Those requests should filter up through the college staff members who are approved to submit Basecamp requests.