1. In Basecamp, go to the project called “Communications | Your College.”
  2. In the To-Do List, name the to-do to match the subject of your text.
  3. Add your OUA Contact Person to the Assigned to section.
  4. Add the date you want the text to be sent in the Due on section. Be sure to select A specific day (“Runs for multiple days” doesn’t show up on our assignment list, which may cause delays in processing).
    • We recommend adding all text requests to Basecamp three weeks before the send date. We require a lead time of five days for text processing.
    • Your OUA Contact Person should alert the OCEM team for content review, and let you know if there are any questions or clarifications needed. The OUA Contact Person will add the Data Systems Team contacts once your request is final.
    • Once all details for the text send request are correct in Basecamp, the Data Systems Team will send your text within three business days.
    • Please note that we cannot send any texts on the days surrounding each decision release date. The length of this blackout period varies, but it’s usually around three to four days. Details regarding each cycle’s blackout dates are shared as they become available.
  5. In the Notes section:
    • Paste the link to the text you have created in Slate, just like an email request thread.
    • Indicate your target audience.
    • Indicate if there are any variable fields (for example: preferred name or major).
  6. Click Add This To-Do.
  7. All communication with your OUA Contact Person and the Data Systems Team regarding your request will take place in the Basecamp thread.