It is important to make a communication plan. Having all of your messages in one place, with brief descriptions, timelines, and send dates will make planning for the rest of the cycle much easier. These plans will also help you evaluate your message holistically, focus your messaging, and target the right audiences.

  1. Think about your audience. What are their needs? What do you need to tell them in order for them to be successful? You can always refer to the suggested key messages for colleges and academic units: unique academics, post-graduate success and rankings, and differentiating experiences. Remember, messaging from OUA will inform students about the application process and talk about campus as a whole.
  2. Decide on your message. Stick to the key messages and relevant, important information.
  3. Use all of your channels. You will want to include email, print, social media efforts (not every post), and any texts you would like to send.
  4. Put it all together. Assign dates and make sure each communication has its own brief description, date, audience type.

This example communications plan shows what a successful plan looks like.