Before any texts can be sent, your unit must set up a phone number, have a Slate inbox, and communicated who will be responding to reply texts and for how long. See texting policies for more details.

Making your text

Login to Slate. Navigate to the deliver icon at the top menu bar (the megaphone).

Select the “New Mailing” button at the top left.

Next, you will see the New Mailing screen. Enter a name for your text, choose the relevant folder, sub folder, and realm your text should be in (College folder, FAA  subfolder, and FAA realm in this example).

Note: realms divide your content so that only users in your college or OUA/EM staff can see or edit it.

You must choose the proper opt-out selection, relevant to your unit. Opt-outs are legally required.

Then, put in your text copy using the Edit Message button in the top right. Be sure to choose your unit’s phone number.

Your text should now be ready to send! Put the link in your Basecamp request thread, and you should be set.


  1. Use a variable name field so all of the texts sent out don’t appear the exact same to the wireless carrier, and they are less likely to be blocked or spam filtered.
  2. Tell them who you are. Remember, this text will almost certainly appear as an unknown phone number sender, so you should introduce yourself like in the example text.
  3. Keep it short and sweet, people look for information online and quick updates in their texts.
  4. Be sure to review the texting policies – there is a lot of setup before texts can be sent!