Basecamp requests must come from a communications, marketing, or admissions representative within your college. In general, we can’t service requests from individual departments; instead, those requests should filter up through the college staff members who are approved to submit requests in Basecamp. If you haven’t used Basecamp before, learn how to request access on our new member page.

Email Send Requests

Before submitting your email send request, review our email policy, audience policy, and blackout dates to ensure we can fulfill it. After you’ve created your email and it’s in Slate, you need to create a ticket to notify our OUA-Contact team that it’s ready to go.

1. In Basecamp, go to the project called Communications | Your College. You should see three lists: Email, Mailing/Data, and Miscellaneous (which covers anything else).

2. Add your request as a single to-do in Basecamp within your Email list (use Mailing/Data for data requests and Miscellaneous for text send requests). The title of your to-do should be the name of your email, and you should assign the to-do to OUA-Contact.

3. List the due date as the day you want your email to send out. Your send date must be at least 3 business days from the date/time your email is approved in Basecamp. This means you must submit your email to OUA-Contact at least 5 business days in advance of when you want it to send out. Note: Do not use the date range or the repeating task features, or your email will not show up on our list.

4. In the notes field, make sure you include all relevant information for your email. Consider the below template to keep your information organized:

  • Email Name:
  • Preferred Send Date:
  • Audience:
    • Student Status (Inquiry, Admitted, Accepted) & Type (First-Year, Transfer): e.g., Both first-year and transfer inquiries in Crop Sciences & Plant Biotechnology
    • Entry Term (Fall, Spring): e.g., Fall & Spring (as a general rule, students with a spring term of entry are transfers)
    • Entry Year (20xx): e.g., 2024, 2025, 2026, 2027 (we cannot email middle school students, as this is against the law)
  • Any Variable Fields: e.g., {{PreferredName}} and {{Major}}
  • Slate Email Link:
  • Notes (Optional): e.g., if your email is a repeat from a previous cycle, reference the old email by including that Slate link here. This shows our data team the population query that was used in the past. 

Please note that any email whose audience is a specific list of students must include all of their UINs. To keep student information secure, this list should be stored in Box with limited access and shared via a link in the notes of your Basecamp ticket. Student information should never be directly posted in Basecamp or sent via email.

5. Our team will reach out to you to review the email and confirm it’s scheduled to send. You can ask or respond to questions related to your request by adding a comment in Basecamp and tagging (@) OUA-Contact.

Data Requests

Before submitting your data request, review our data request policy to ensure we can fulfill it. You’ll submit a ticket using the same process described in the email requests section above, along with the following pieces of information in order to help our team prioritize and schedule requests accordingly.

  • Timing: When do you want the information? This needs to be at least 10 business days (2 weeks) after you input the ticket. Also, if the request is timely and there’s a date when the information will no longer be useful to you, please note this, too.
  • Context: How will your team use the information? What questions are you trying to answer?
  • Request Details:
    • Audience (follow the same parameters listed for emails)
    • Specific fields requested
    • Notes/further explanation if needed

Text Send Requests

Before submitting your text send request, review our texting policyaudience policy, and blackout dates to ensure we can fulfill it. You’ll submit a ticket using the same process described in the email requests section above, along with the below information.

  • New Setup Required?: If this is the first time your college/unit is sending a text message, please let us know at least 10 business days (2 weeks) before your requested text send date. Our team will need to set up a texting phone number and corresponding Slate inbox for text responses.
  • Monitoring:
    • How long your Slate inbox will be monitored after send (2 hours minimum)
    • Name and contact of staff member who will be monitoring your Slate inbox after send