2705, 2021

How to Present a Unified Brand to Prospective Students

May 27th, 2021|Categories: How-tos, Insights|

Branding may seem like business reserved for marketing and communications staff, but each individual touchpoint matters. Even if you aren’t a designer it’s important to ask yourself, “What role do I play in the Illinois brand?” Or more importantly, “How can I contribute to the goal of presenting a unified brand to prospective students?” Why It Matters If we think about some of the strongest brands, there are a few [...]

1901, 2021

Tips for Creating and Sending Emails

January 19th, 2021|Categories: How-tos|

Email is the most important communication channel we currently have, so it’s critical that we make our emails as effective as possible. Here are a couple tips to ensure we do just that. Keep It Simple Most of our emails go beyond text only and utilize HTML to create more visually appealing designs. This can often cause us to overcomplicate things. In fact, sometimes text-only emails are the most effective, [...]

1109, 2019

How to Add a Text Message Request to Basecamp

September 11th, 2019|Categories: How-tos|

In Basecamp, go to the project called “Communications | Your College.” In the To-Do List, name the to-do to match the subject of your text. Add your Admissions Counselor to the Assigned to section. Add the date you want the text to be sent in the Due on section. Be sure to select A specific day (“Runs for multiple days” doesn’t show up on our assignment list, which may cause delays in processing). We recommend [...]

1109, 2019

How to Send Text Messages from Slate

September 11th, 2019|Categories: How-tos|

Before any texts can be sent, your unit must set up a phone number, have a Slate inbox, and communicated who will be responding to reply texts and for how long. See texting policies for more details. Making your text Login to Slate. Navigate to the deliver icon at the top menu bar (the megaphone). Select the "New Mailing" button at the top left. Next, you will see the [...]

1109, 2019

How to Make a Slate Event

September 11th, 2019|Categories: How-tos|

Setting Up Your Event Navigate to the event section of Slate by clicking on the calendar icon, then click on the “New Event” button at the top. In the “Details” tab, enter the following information: Page title – Enter the name of the event as it should externally appear to the student. Internal name – If different from the external name, enter the internal name. Template – Leave as blank. [...]

609, 2019

How to Create a Communications Plan

September 6th, 2019|Categories: How-tos|

It is important to make a communication plan. Having all of your messages in one place, with brief descriptions, timelines, and send dates will make planning for the rest of the cycle much easier. These plans will also help you evaluate your message holistically, focus your messaging, and target the right audiences. Think about your audience. What are their needs? What do you need to tell them in order for [...]

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