Litmus is a tool for designing, building, and testing emails. We require that all non-text-only emails sent to prospective and admitted undergraduate students be created within Litmus; for exceptions, review our Alternative Access Plan. This allows us to utilize shared templates and test for accessibility and other potential delivery issues.

Roles & Access

Everyone that logs in to Litmus as either a Code Editor or Reviewer will have access to all emails. We encourage units to take advantage of this to collaborate and discuss content for similar audiences. Do not make changes or save alternate versions of other units’ emails. For more information on roles, see our training guide.

Testing & Previews

Pay close attention to the instructions on how to test your email. The enterprise Litmus account has a testing limit, so we must prioritize and be strategic with our tests.

Some quick reminders:

  • When using the builder, always make sure you are in the “Browser” view (and not “Email Previews”) before saving your email.
  • You will run a set of previews every time you update the “Previews and QA tab,” so follow proofing and testing instructions carefully.
  • Only test when you have an approved, final draft of your email.

Questions & Help

All questions can be directed to