Reporting allows us to evaluate our success in communication and marketing efforts as well as do research for future projects. Enrollment Management offers a variety of reporting that’s helpful to units across campus. If you’re a unit that sends communications via Enrollment Management/OUA processes, you can request small-scale custom reporting as well.

Reporting Resources

  • Accept/Decline Surveys. Our accept/decline surveys allow units to look at a variety of questions asked to students who either accepted or declined their offer of admission to the University of Illinois Urbana-Champaign. Students respond to questions about how they found the university, why they made their choice, and more. This is our most robust survey, allowing it to be filtered on academic or demographic subgroups while still having a large enough sample to provide relevant data.
  • Admitted Not Enrolled Report. The admitted not enrolled report shows where students chose to go if they did not accept their offer of admission to UIUC. This report offers a good way of evaluating the top competition for the university as a whole or specific academic units.
  • Accepts/Admits by Day Report. With the accepts/admits by day report, you can see when students accept their offer of admission over time and look at data from multiple cycles at once. This helps provide an idea of what to expect for different academic unit recruitment and yield results.
  • Where Are We At? The where are we at? report shows just that—how the cycle is going across a variety of factors. There are a lot of filtering options on this report, so don’t forget to look at subgroups that might be relevant to your unit.
  • Yield Report. The yield report lets you look at yield results by cycle. You can break down yield results by demographic group, academic unit, fee waiver, and many other factors.

Looking for other types of reporting? Contact us.