Top Priorities for Email Focus on your email strategy. Email is one of the most direct methods of communicating with our audience, and in-house surveys show it's the number one way students wish to be contacted by us—so you'll want to make your emails count. Know who you can communicate with. You can choose to send emails to inquiries, admits, and accepts in your college’s interest area. Learn more about these audiences, our audience restrictions, and how to define your audience in your email request. Encourage action. It's important for your emails to have a strong call to action, whether that [...]


Tips for Creating and Sending Emails

Email is the most important communication channel we currently have, so it’s critical that we make our emails as effective as possible. Here are a couple tips to ensure we do just that. Keep It Simple Some of our emails go beyond text only and utilize HTML to create more visually appealing designs. This can often cause us to overcomplicate things. In fact, sometimes text-only emails are the most effective, and they’re certainly the most simple.  Text-only emails, especially sent from a person instead of a unit, can feel more personalized and elicit higher open rates. Branding can be incorporated by [...]


How to Add an Email to Slate

In Slate, go to Deliver (megaphone icon), then Mailings. On the right, select the folder/subfolder where your email belongs. Units are categorized by college or department. Select New Mailing. (In some cases, you may want to make a copy of an already-existing email. To do so, select the email, then Copy Mailing. Be sure to uncheck "Copy Query" in the resulting pop-up box.) Name should be the subject line of the email. Folder should be the folder/subfolder you're entering the email into. User should stay you. Realm should be the college/dept. Method should stay Email. Opt Out should be No Unsubscribe. UTM Tracking should stay Disabled. Select Save. [...]


How to Add an Email Request to Basecamp

In Basecamp, go to the project called "Communications | Your College." In the To-Do List, name the to-do to match the subject line of your email. Add your OUA Contact Person to the Assigned to section. Add the date you want the email to be sent in the Due on section. Be sure to select A specific day ("Runs for multiple days" doesn't show up on our assignment list, which may cause delays in processing the email). We recommend adding all email requests to Basecamp two weeks before the send date. We require a lead time of three days for email processing. Your OUA Contact Person will [...]


Email Send Policy

Email Requirements All emails to inquiries or admitted students must be sent via Slate, and in coordination Enrollment Management. This ensures that student statuses are accurate, reduces the risk of emails being filtered as spam, and enables centralized metrics and functional tracking. An email from an academic unit must be about the academic unit, it's subject area, relevant interests, or majors. Broad campus topics such as application dates and deadlines, visiting (in general), living on campus, etc. are covered by the Office of Undergraduate Admissions and should be avoided by academic units. Email Send Request Requirements The email send request must [...]


10 Tips for Creating Effective Emails

1. Define your purpose. You should always have a clearly defined purpose for your emails so that you can keep your content focused on that purpose. If you don’t have a clearly defined purpose, you should probably revisit whether the email is necessary. 2. Know your audience. For starters, Gen Zers (categorized as 19 years of age and under) know how to educate themselves and find information. They’re driven workers who want to make a difference in the world, and they prefer to communicate with images. 3. Consider your subject line. Some writers overlook subject lines entirely, while others agonize [...]

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