Direct Mail

Top Priorities for Direct Mail Be strategic with populations. In order to reduce both physical and financial waste, you should be as strategic as possible with the populations you choose to engage through direct mail. This could mean sending to admits only, or sending to top-tier inquiries (those that have signed up for more information directly through our inquiry forms). Focus on yield. When a student is admitted, we have their address and we know their program of study. Plus, we know the student is more serious about enrolling. Direct mail can be much more effective at this stage. Consider ROI. [...]


How to Add a Mailing, Data or Report Request in Basecamp

In Basecamp, go to the project called "Communications | Your College." In the To-Do List, name the to-do to briefly describe your report request. Add your OUA Contact Person to the Assigned to section. Add the date you want the mailing to be sent to you or report to be received in the Due on section. Be sure to select A specific day ("Runs for multiple days" doesn't show up on our assignment list, which may cause delays in processing your request). We recommend adding all data requests to Basecamp two weeks before the due date. We require a lead time of five days for [...]

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