Program Explorer Edit Policy

What is the Program Explorer? The Program Explorer is an interface on the Admissions website that allows users to explore undergraduate majors. What information is editable within the Program Explorer? College staff may request an edit to the following information: Description—Descriptions are carefully crafted to be informative and understandable for those who do not yet have a high school degree. Please consider these factors when submitting an edit suggestion. Career options Sample employer destinations—You can select up to three sample employers from your program's full employer list. If an employer isn't included in your full list, we can't add that employer [...]


How to Request Edits to the Program Explorer

We present our programs of study through an interface called the Program Explorer. This tool allows students to see what we offer and learn more about each program of interest. Some program explorer information comes directly from data sources; however, some information is provided by the college. You can read more about what information colleges can edit within the Program Explorer on our policy page. If you have program information that needs to be edited, please submit a request. Submit edit

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