What is Slate? Slate is a CRM (Customer Relationship Management) created by Technolutions. There are multiple instances of Slate on the University of Illinois Urbana-Champaign campus, including one for undergraduate admissions. What is Slate used for? Slate allows us to have a centralized record for each "customer," which in the case of undergraduate admissions means prospective student. Through Slate we manage all our event and visit registration, we send all our email communications, we track interactions, we store useful student information, and more.  Slate is the hub through which we collect and manage data, such as names and contact information. If [...]


How to Send Text Messages from Slate

Before any texts can be sent, your unit must set up a phone number, have a Slate inbox, and communicated who will be responding to reply texts and for how long. See texting policies for more details. Making your text Login to Slate. Navigate to the deliver icon at the top menu bar (the megaphone). Select the "New Mailing" button at the top left. Next, you will see the New Mailing screen. Enter a name for your text, choose the relevant folder, sub folder, and realm your text should be in (College folder, FAA  subfolder, and FAA realm in this [...]


How to Add an Email to Slate

In Slate, go to Deliver (megaphone icon), then Mailings. On the right, select the folder/subfolder where your email belongs. Units are categorized by college or department. Select New Mailing. (In some cases, you may want to make a copy of an already-existing email. To do so, select the email, then Copy Mailing. Be sure to uncheck "Copy Query" in the resulting pop-up box.) Name should be the subject line of the email. Folder should be the folder/subfolder you're entering the email into. User should stay you. Realm should be the college/dept. Method should stay Email. Opt Out should be No Unsubscribe. UTM Tracking should stay Disabled. Select Save. [...]

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