Top Priorities With Handouts Focus on your content. With content pieces, make sure the focus is on your unit/services. Avoid including admissions content or anything that runs the risk of changing. Share stories and make the material as engaging and worthwhile as you can. Consider the quality. Cheap handouts will be ignored and find their way to the trash quickly. Invest in high-quality pieces, such as booklets, die-cuts, or keepsake items like swag. Fun items attract attention and are more likely to last. Build and strengthen brand awareness. Aside from making sure your content is on brand, try to produce lasting [...]


Direct Mail

Top Priorities for Direct Mail Be strategic with populations. In order to reduce both physical and financial waste, you should be as strategic as possible with the populations you choose to engage through direct mail. This could mean sending to admits only, or sending to top-tier inquiries (those that have signed up for more information directly through our inquiry forms). Focus on yield. When a student is admitted, we have their address and we know their program of study. Plus, we know the student is more serious about enrolling. Direct mail can be much more effective at this stage. Consider ROI. [...]

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