What is the R&Y Network?

We’re a campus cross-functional team united by admissions goals, collaborating to recruit and yield undergraduate students.

Who is the R&Y Network?

We are campus leaders, admissions leaders, admissions counselors, event organizers, marketers, communicators, data analysts, developers, designers, and more.

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If you’re a campus professional involved with recruiting and yielding undergraduate students, you can request to join the R&Y Network. As a member you will receive important information regarding the admissions cycle, best practices, and policies. You can also view the membership directory and reach out to the network through the listserv.

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Meetings are held to network, discuss trending topics, share valuable insights, and collaborate to solve common issues. If you would like to present or have a topic in mind for discussion, share your idea and we will work together to get something scheduled.

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As a member of the R&Y Network, you have the ability to reach out with questions or ideas by simply sending an email to rynetwork@lists.illinois.edu. This is the quickest way to tap into the knowledge and experience of the group.

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What can we do to improve?

The R&Y Network is all about you, so please share your feedback.

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