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If you’ve just joined the R&Y Network, this page is for you! Learn more about who we are and the training opportunities we offer based on your role. About the R&Y Network The R&Y Network is a campus cross-functional team united by admissions goals, collaborating to recruit and yield undergraduate students. It includes campus and admissions leaders, admissions counselors, event organizers, marketers, communicators, data analysts, developers, designers, and more. How to Request Access Slate All new users are required to fill out the Information Security Compliance Form before they can access Slate. Once you've filled out this form, reach out to [...]

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For general inquiries or specific questions regarding the R&Y Network, admissions policies, processes, etc., please email The OUA-Contact inbox is monitored by a team of people representing different units within Enrollment Management. Questions will be filtered to the appropriate party and a response will be provided as soon as possible.

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The R&Y Network directory helps you connect with colleagues across campus that participate in recruiting and yielding undergraduate students. To view the directory, you must log in to Box using your email address. View Directory

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Who can join the R&Y Network? Any campus professional involved with recruiting and yielding undergraduate students can request to join the R&Y Network. How can I join the R&Y Network? First, you must request to join the R&Y Network. Every request to join is reviewed and access is granted based on two factors: (1) your role as it relates to undergraduate student recruitment at Illinois, and (2) your unit's approval. What are the benefits of joining the R&Y Network? As a member you will receive important information regarding the admissions cycle, best practices, and policies. You can also view the membership [...]

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