How to Add a Text Message to Slate

Text messages are sent by our data team through Slate. If you haven't used Slate before, learn how to request access on our new member page; please note that privileges vary. If your college/unit hasn't sent a text message before, some additional setup is also required. For details, review our texting policy and how to submit a text request in Basecamp. 1. Log into Slate. Navigate to the deliver icon at the top menu bar (the megaphone). 2. Select the "New Mailing" button at the top left. 3. Next, you will see the "New Mailing" screen. Enter a name for [...]


How to Create a Communications Plan

It is important to make a communication plan. Having all of your messages in one place, with brief descriptions, timelines, and send dates will make planning for the rest of the cycle much easier. These plans will also help you evaluate your message holistically, focus your messaging, and target the right audiences. Think about your audience. What are their needs? What do you need to tell them in order for them to be successful? You can always refer to the suggested key messages for colleges and academic units: unique academics, post-graduate success and rankings, and differentiating experiences. Remember, messaging from OUA [...]


How to Add an Email to Slate

In most cases, emails are sent by our data team through Slate. For more details, review our email policy and how to submit an email request in Basecamp. If you haven't used Slate before, learn how to request access on our new member page. Please note that privileges vary. In Slate, go to Deliver (megaphone icon), then Mailings. On the right, select the folder/subfolder where your email belongs. Units are categorized by college or department. Select New Mailing. (In some cases, you may want to make a copy of an already-existing email. To do so, select the email, then Copy Mailing. Be sure to [...]


How to Request Edits to the Program Explorer

We present our programs of study through an interface called the Program Explorer. This tool allows students to see what we offer and learn more about each program of interest. Some program explorer information comes directly from data sources; however, some information is provided by the college. You can read more about what information colleges can edit within the Program Explorer on our policy page. If you have program information that needs to be edited, please submit a request. Submit edit

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